Driscoll Brothers Partnership Harvest Truck Driver

American Falls, Idaho | Seasonal

Job Description:

  • Drive and operate a 10-wheel truck while ensuring safety for themselves, other workers, equipment, and product being harvested.
  • Maneuver truck adjacent to harvester, while regulating speed and parallel space to the harvester.
  • Work irregular schedules, long hours, and weekends, in all types of weather, under hazardous conditions, around operating equipment, and/or a noisy environment.
  • Keep truck clean and report any necessary repairs to supervisor.
  • Know and follow state traffic laws.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Valid Driver License with good driving record. Must be approved by our insurance company.
  • Prior experience preferred, but not required.

Skills/Traits Needed for Role:

  • Must know enough English to understand simple directions from a supervisor.
  • Must be able to write down truck number & time when unloading truck as required.
  • Must be able to sit for long period of time and safely climb in and out of truck.
  • Follow directions while safely backing up to load or unload product.
  • Must be punctual as directed and be prepared for work in the designated field.