Quality Control Specialist

Pocatello, Idaho | Full-Time

Driscoll Top Hay is looking for a Quality Control Technician to work at the Hay Press. The plant’s main focus is compressing raw hay to transport in cargo containers. The Quality Control Technician will help in the compressing process by running quality checks on hay, clearing plant floor, keep production running efficiently.

Mechanical skills helpful, agriculture experience is necessary.

Additional responsibilities include:

· Ensures quality of the product is maintained within acceptable ranges by using instruments and documents during storage and production, utilizing temperature, and detecting and safely removing any foreign material.

-Reads and knows production schedule, customer orders, and shipping orders to determine hay to be moved, gathered, and distributed.

-Daily housekeeping of work area, cleaning of plant area, and maintaining a safe work environment.

-Assists in the daily maintenance and repair of Hay Press in accordance to manufacture specifications.

-Be an active member of the team and strengthen team relationships and management.

-Assists in keeping facility compliant with local, State and Federal laws, as well Industry Standards.

Job Type: Full-time