Driscoll Brothers | Pocatello, Idaho | Part-Time

Driscoll Baking Company is seeking a part-time merchandiser in the Pocatello area. Responsibilities are to:

  • Visit grocery stores and straighten Harper’s Homemade Bread displays.
  • Bring the back-stock forward and make the display look organized and presentable.
  • Be friendly and answer any questions from shoppers.

Merchandising schedule is to visit stores on Wednesday mornings and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Average hours are around 15-20 hours per week. Wage is $11/hour. Applicants are required to have a good driving record that must be approved by our insurance

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school Education and/or its equivalence.
  • Capable to communicate effectively orally and in written form in English.
  • Ability to work schedules that are assigned, this may include early morning hours and afternoons, while showing up on time when scheduled.
  • Current valid, insurable valid driver’s license.
  • Must be physically capable to drive throughout the shift, push-pull bread carts and to frequently lift 20-30 lb.  bread trays.
  • Be drug free – ability to pass a pre-employment drug test and subsequent drug testing throughout employment.

Skills/Traits Needed for Role:

  • Must be detail and result oriented, committed to product quality and sales without jeopardizing safety.
  • Ability to organize work and set priorities to meet deadlines.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills and ability to build effective collaborations.
  • Demonstrates ability to remain calm and cool-headed in the event of an upset customer or store representative.
  • Have effective math computation and analytical capabilities.
  • Ability to carry out work independently.
  • Ability to learn and use software provided to track product sales and credits. 

Core Responsibilities

  • People/Teams
    • Assist management with Key Metrics for Personnel and see that goals are achieved focusing on Product Safety Industry, training hours, team work, and customer satisfaction.
    • Work with management to create a healthy working environment focusing on employee safety and proper hygiene, holding employees accountable to performance of Product Safety Industry expectations.  If expectations are not met, help establish timelines that are created to coach up or coach out of the job.
    • While working with management, fellow employees and store management create an environment of team work and comradery.  
  • Processes
    • Restocking of product without compromising worker’s safety, customer relations, or product quality, while providing feedback on critical areas of risk and improvement.  
    • Recognizing greatest areas of potential contamination, poor employee hygiene, extreme temperatures, product being dropped and or protective barriers being breached by foreign objects, understanding this and working with management to develop and implement practices to protect from potential contamination.
    • Coordinate in the reporting and tracking of customer complaints; when or if requested investigate issues, make appropriate adjustments/corrections, while communicating actions and issues to management for documentation, and recommendations for prevention of future occurrences, including possible procedural changes. 
  • Products
    • Ensure that shelves are restocked, and bread rotated to minimize credits by increasing sales.
    • Work with your team to create opportunities to Increasing Store Facing and product displays.
    • Understand what the product sales and credit goals of Management are and what is your role in meeting these projections. 
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • See that highest regards are paid to customer needs and desires.
    • Strengthen relationships within sales team by being a productive team player.
  • Profit
    • Assist Management in meeting their budgetary responsibilities by insuring your specific stores are meeting and/or exceeding targeted sales, while minimizing credits. 
    • Provide a safe working environment, which will reduce work related accidents.
    • Take care of equipment, keeping up on maintenance and reporting vehicle issues.
  • Growth
    • Strengthen relationships with existing stores, while increasing sales by following the lead of the Route Sales Associate.  
  • Communication 
    • Develop and maintain appropriate ongoing, clear, positive, professional communication with your customers and management.
  • Other duties assigned by District Sales Manager.